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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Sheri Twing

Ok I'm coming over to play! Such awesome organization! I love those cards you made to divide the PL journaling cards. I need to do that. I took mine out of the boxes too and put them all together. Would love to see more of the categories you have for those! Such fun products and such clever use of a boot tray! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Carlson

BOOT TRAY....this is GENIUS Wen. I really wish I were doing ProjectLife again, maybe next year, will save my pennies for that one. Thanks for sharing your tips, you always have good information and I LOVE that you are sharing it with us. I'll be the first in line to buy your book too. love you!

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thanks Sheri! :) Come on over. I had to put something between my cards. There's just way too many. LOL I'll take some pics later of the categories and post them for you. :)

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

THANKS Rach! I wish I could see your Project Life from before. :) Yes, save, you must do! I like sharing and you guys are cracking me up with this book thing. LOL Love you!

tara pollard pakosta

so awesome wendy! I LOVE IT!
you are great at organizing!
I need to do this soon because my stuff is a MESS!

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thanks Tara! I looooooooooooove to organize! LOVE IT! lol


OK get your little tush to Ar. & help me organize my craft room. I could use a little sis time too.

Jenny G.

This is so great! A boot tray is genius! Love it!


This is awesome girl!!! LOVE it!

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Hee hee... I know it! <3

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thank you Jenny! I was looking for a tray and turned right down and isle, looked down and there it was. *ding ding* Bells went off in my head. LOL

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thanks cuteness! Love ya!


So glad to see you are scrapbooking again!! xoxo bucket


You have made this look doable and easy. Could you rub some of your magic on me? Seriously, you have inspired me and I'm going to put my PL stuff in something. Soon. Yeah. No, really. I'll keep you posted. :) LOVE YOURS!

Leslie Ashe

Love it! looks fab!


makes me (almost) want to paper scrap again...love your organization Wendy : )

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thanks Bucket! :)

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

It IS so doable! Rubbing... rubbing... rubbing.... :) Can't wait to see what you do!

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Thanks Les! <3

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Hee hee hee.... Thank you Mary! :)


LOVE. Those cards are driving me crazy. I have almost the exact same supplies as you do, so I am going to be a copy cat! Thanks for the inspiration.


oops, messed up my own blog address...need more coffee...following you and reading your archives now!

Becka @ Just a Bunch of Momsense

Your organization system is awesome! I love how everything is plain sight! I also love your album page... SO CUTE! I just love your style! Is that really a piece torn from a notebook, or is that something you bought for that purpose?? (the one with the key on it.)

I've just started PL and so far I've done my entire 2011 album (in a matter of a few hours!!!) I'm getting ready to do 2010... which will take A.LOT.LONGER since I only took 300-ish pics last year, and closer to 2000 pics in 2010. Should keep me pretty busy for a while!

Happy scrapping New Year! :)

Becka @ Just a Bunch of Momsense

Doh! I hate typos... That should say IN plain sight.

Collette Osuna

Wow Wendy!!arent you little Miss Queen of organization?? lol...love this...you rock lady!! and now after reading the apple post below, I need to rganize and cook...thanks alot! lol.

PS..if you make the veggie egg rolls, double the recipe on the honey mustard sauce....its pretty amazign by itself, lmao!!

Happy humpday....and BTW lady, we should totally stay in blog touch:) You are posting some great stuff here!! Adding your blog to my blogroll NOW:)

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